Our Story

Underpinnings founder Kieran Valley-Gordon was online shopping for sports bras from her home in Trinidad and Tobago when the idea for Underpinnings was born.

“For as long as I could remember, bra-shopping had been a frustrating experience. There’s a lot of variety and some good options once you’re under a certain size range – let’s say DD. Once you go past that, or if you have certain special needs due to pregnancy or breast surgery, finding a good bra, one that doesn’t look like your great grandmother would have worn it, was like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Stores didn’t carry my size, or if they did, they were basic and frumpy looking. When I was pregnant with my first child finding bras that fit well was even more challenging!

During that fortuitous online search, the idea came to me that if I was experiencing these issues, other women must be as well – and I decided to solve it for all of us!”

Underpinnings is a specialty lingerie boutique which offers bra fit consultations and maternity, post-surgical and D to K cup lingerie, activewear and swimwear.

Our mission is to change women’s lives in a very personal and lasting way, one bra at a time.

I never thought this could be so fun and fulfilling knowing that things fit perfectly. I’m so glad that I went.
Fabulous service and options to match.


Carried a friend who has been having bra problems for years, like most of us ladies. My friend couldn’t stop saying, “thank you for
bringing me here I finally got a bra to fit me.” Thanks to Underpinnings


The staff was very helpful, informative and just all round pleasant. This was a rewarding experience.
Every woman should definitely get a bra fitting done by these lovely ladies.


I enjoyed the one-on-one personalized attention and appreciated the time and care that Kieran took to share her knowledge and to listen.
My new bra is really providing support – for my shoulders and back too! Thank you!