#UPlift Project

Uplift Project: Meet Kathryn of  Immortelle Beauty


​Our newest #UPliftProject video is up, and in it we are chatting with Kathryn Nurse, founder of Immortelle Beauty. Immortelle Beauty is the Caribbean cosmetic company Kathryn founded in 2010, with the aim of creating “Little Local Luxuries”.

I first came across the Immortelle line a few years ago at a pop-up market and was so impressed with the visual appeal of the products that I had to try them. I was not disappointed!  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with this fellow female entrepreneur, and I decided then and there that I wanted to feature her in an Uplift video.

Take a look as Kathryn speaks about her passions, the inspiration she finds in her work and what she loves and appreciates about her body.

Kathryn is currently participating in the Scotiabank Vision Achiever Business Class of 2018, a programme geared towards equipping entrepreneurs with the tools to successfully grow their business. Vote for her here.

The Uplift Project: Meet Melissa


October is breast cancer awareness month so we thought it timely that we start Season 3 of our #UPliftProject by chatting with Melissa Roberts who is the General Manager at Pink Hibiscus Breast Health Specialists. Pink Hibiscus is the first Specialist Breast Centre in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean, offering much needed breast cancer screening, diagnostic and treatment services.

Melissa’s big heart and caring nature shines through as she speaks about her passions in life, the inspiration she finds in her work and what she loves and appreciates about her body.

The Uplift Project: Meet Michele


The Carnival festivities may be over but the party is far from being ‘done’ at Underpinnings! We are very excited to share with you the third video in our Uplift Project series, which continues to celebrate self-confidence and self-appreciation.  In this video Michele opens up about what makes her feel beautiful.

If you missed the first two installments click to watch Colette and Amelia.

We’d love the UPlift Project message to reach as many women as possible. If you know someone who would enjoy these videos please share with them.

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The Uplift Project: Meet Amelia


THANK YOU for your overwhelming response to the first video in our Uplift Project video series.   We received many emails and Facebook comments with women sharing how Colette’s video had touched them.  As we enter 2015 we continue to celebrate the beauty of self-confidence and self-appreciation.  Our second guest, Amelia, is not your typical petroleum engineer!
We love feedback!  Let us know what you think about the Uplift Project in the comment box or via email to info@prettyunderpinnings.com

The Uplift Project: Meet Colette


Women can be our own worst critics, and there seems to be something about a dressing room that brings out buried insecurities in so many of us. That’s a big part of the reason behind our Uplift Project video series, which is all about celebrating and showcasing the beauty of self-confidence and self-appreciation.

We’re excited to share the first video in our series. Colette is a fun loving woman who loves to laugh!