How to navigate your first fitting


Chances are you have seen the harrowing statistic that 85% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Chances also are that you didn’t believe it, because why would so many women walk around wearing the wrong size? Well, the thing is most women don’t know the telltale signs of an ill-fitting bra, and because everyone else around us complains about bras being uncomfortable, we believe that this is just the way it is.  If everyone else is experiencing underwire pain, we start to all expect this as par for the course.

However, you should not accept pain and discomfort, making the decision to get a fitting will help you to live your best bra life and then you can be the catalyst in another woman’s life by suggesting a bra- intervention. 

But what exactly is a bra fitting and what should you expect? Well, this post is going to help you navigate your way through your very first fitting.

What is a bra fitting exactly?
A bra fitting is best done by a trained bra-fit consultant who can take into consideration the position of your breasts on your ribcage, shape, size etc in order to find the fits that suit your unique body.  A perfect fit improves posture and helps your outer layers fit better, ensuring you always look your best.

Dispel fears and educate yourself on what to expect
No you will not be poked and prodded! You will not be paraded in front of other customers in your unmentionables! Relax, breathe. A bra fitting at Underpinnings is an intimate experience between you and the bra-fit consultant. The decision about whether to disrobe or not, in front of the bra-fit consultant is dependent on you. If you are a bit shy you can put on the bras in the dressing room before the consultant comes in to assess the fit, if you aren’t shy, then by all means have at it! Your comfort in this is important so don’t be afraid to speak up.
At Underpinnings, we make you the centre of attention. A fitting usually involves a pre-discussion, and then we ask the client to remove as many layers as they are comfortable. Measurements are made, and then you get to try on some enviable pieces that you can make your own! A simple process that makes a world of difference.

Bring a friend
Bringing a friend is an amazing idea! Bring two and have a full on bra-intervention party! The more the merrier. The more friends that you help out, the lower that statistic gets. Also, who does not like to show off a cute underwear purchase to their girlfriends?

Be open
Try on as many styles as the bra-fit consultant gives you. Finding out that you are a totally different size can be a bit strange at first, but be open to it because it will only benefit you in the long run.

Make that appointment!
So now that you have an idea about what to expect at a fitting, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your bra-intervention today! Log on to: