How to tell when it is time to retire your bra


​There comes a time in every bra’s life where you need to let it go. Many of us try to hold on to our bras way past their prime and that only leads to pain and heartache. So, we here at Underpinnings wanted to do our duty to try to help you know when it is time to break up with your bra by providing you with 5 easy-to-remember tips.

Tip number 1: Your weight has changed
Whether it is on purpose, or just a force of nature, whenever your weight changes significantly (think 10 lbs or more) you are more than likely going to need a new bra. When a bra is too loose or too tight it means it is not actually fitting right. It is time to break up and get a new fitting!

Tip number 2: A wire has come out
Now, this may be obvious, but we have seen some things! If you notice that a wire has popped out of your bra, it is time to say goodbye. Do not try to save it! There is no hope and anything you do would only lead to frustration.

Tip number 3: The hooks are damaged
If you can’t hook your bra it has literally stopped being worth it. How would it hold? Step away from that safety pin and go out and get you a new bra!

Tip number 4: The underwire does not rest on your skin
Every part of your bra has a specific function and if they are way past their prime, they cannot provide you with the comfort and support that a bra should. The underwire of your bra must lay flush against your skin in order to provide you with adequate lift and support, if they are out of position it cannot do its work. It should not cause you discomfort!

Tip number 5: The band rides up
So you have had the bra for a few years and over time you have made it to the tightest closure, and yet still it does not fit snug. This is a clear sign that your bra has surpassed its time. Bra bands are meant to fit well on the loosest or middle set of hooks when now purchased, but stretch out over time (the purpose of the other hooks). If it does not fit snug even on the tightest hook, it has stretched out too much and it’s time to get another.

Is it time for you to break up with some of your bras?