Lose the Boundaries

You might be wondering why Idris Elba is the image of choice in this, our first blog post for 2018. Well Idris is actually the inspiration for this post and for the theme I’ve set myself this year.

Many of you may have heard snippets of Idris Elba’s moving speech on losing the boundaries in your life (if you haven’t see the links below). We all have them; either self-imposed or imposed by others. Now, I hope that if you viewed that video you took in the true point that Mr. Elba was making, instead of just taking in his chocolatey goodness.  For 2018 I’m challenging myself and you to find the places where the boundaries exist and learn how to lose them!

Losing the self-imposed boundaries
Stop talking yourself out of things. Don’t set limits on your goals, don’t restrict yourself.  We all have that voice that tells us we aren’t good enough. We play small, afraid of stretching and afraid of failure. We tend to talk ourselves out of pursuing our dreams by saying things like, “I’m not qualified for that”, “What if I fail?” “I could never do that.” Stop. Stop doing that.  You can do anything that you set your mind to.  Yes, I am being cliché, but let’s face it, it’s the truth. Why not throw caution to the wind the next time you are faced with something scary, but enticing? Why not just go for it? Living life to the fullest means trying new things, even if you aren’t 100% sure that it would be successful.  Living life to the fullest means enjoying the little moments in between the big ones and allowing yourself to fail and be imperfect. It means allowing yourself to take chances, take risks and learn every step of the way.  When faced with an enticing, but scary, opportunity why not write down every reason you should take it, instead of mulling over every way in which it could go wrong? Believing it will all go right is 50% of the hurdle.

Losing the boundaries imposed by others
Second, stop letting others define who you are and who you will be. Stop letting others limit you.  Your friends and family, while they may want the best for you, may create the most limits on your life. They wish to shield you from pain and heartache, but in so doing try to keep you within a box; a safe zone.  Living according to other people’s standards makes you miss out on a number of opportunities to spread your wings. Resist the urge to simply live by someone else’s rules. Instead chose to release that inner, authentic you! Block out the negativity of others who are themselves afraid of being who they are and taking risks. Stop living within the restrictive expectations of other people.

Third, society has a way of putting us all into situations where we are pitted against each other. Restrictive situations where we tend to feel as if we are never enough. I am here to tell you that you are enough.  Stop setting boundaries on who you are. Your goals are not the same as someone else’s.  Your uniqueness is simply that; unique.  Your journey is yours alone.  Surround yourself with inspiration and inspirational people who will always push you to break free of the norm.  Live outside of the lines and release yourself from the limits you impose, as well as those imposed on you by others. The opportunity to create the life you desire awaits if you are willing to lose the boundaries!