The Right Way to Wear and Care for your Bra

How to put on a bra

These instructions seem much more complicated than they really are. After a few days you’ll get the hang of it!


Put on the straps and bend forward slightly at the waist, so that you are looking at the floor. This allows the fullest part of the breast to naturally fall into the fullest part of the cup.


Fasten the bra hooks, ensuring that the underwire is resting on your ribcage and not on breast tissue.


Swoop and Scoop – place the opposite hand into one cup and gently bring any breast tissue into the cup from under your arms. Repeat on the other side


Stand straight and adjust straps to ensure they are resting gently on the shoulders but are snug enough to not fall off.

Caring for your bra

With the proper care you can get up to a couple hundred wears from each bra. That’s less than the cost of your daily newspaper! Treat your delicates well to get the most out of your investment.

Rule Number 1: Be delicate!

Handwashing is the best way to clean your bra and still get as many wears out of it as possible.

Hook the bra and let it soak in a solution of delicate detergent for 10-15 minutes.

Agitate gently with your hand, paying particular attention to the band and underarm areas. Rinse until the water runs clear

Stop! Step away from the dryer!

Do not dry your precious bras in the dryer as the heat from the dryer will degrade the elastics used in your bra, reducing the support the bra provides and shortening its useful life.

Instead hang the bra on a hanger by the bridge (that’s the part between the cups) and leave to air dry overnight