Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Professional Fitting.

Have you ever considered getting a professional bra fitting? Maybe you have been following Underpinnings on social media and have asked yourself, ‘I wonder if I should make an appointment to have a fitting?’ Maybe you have been hesitant because you think that your bras fit pretty well, and a bra fitting is only for “certain” people or maybe you think it is a waste of time. Whatever the cause for your hesitation, we think that making that appointment to get a professional fitting may be the best decision you have ever made!

Want to know why? Read on for the top 5 reasons you need to make that appointment for a fitting today.

1.  Your bra hurts: Many women feel a sense of freedom at the end of the day when they remove their bras because it has been feeling like a vice all day. Well, did you know that your bra is not supposed to feel like that? Your bra is not a torture device and it certainly is not supposed to hurt you. In fact, when a bra fits well you shouldn’t even feel as if you are wearing one. A bra fitting would help you find the correct sizes and styles and will alleviate all of that unnecessary pain. From the poking of the underwire, to the sinking, pressing sensation of a too-tight shoulder strap; a professional fitting will get you into the perfect bra in minutes.

2. Your weight has changed: We are not talking about a two pound weight difference here; we are talking about a difference of 8-10 pounds or more. Since breasts are made of mostly fatty tissue, when you either gain or lose weight, the fit of the cups would be noticeably different. Additionally, the fit of the band, which is the part that goes around your rib-cage, would also be affected. Suddenly your bra would be either too tight or too loose in all the wrong places. A professional fitting would alleviate this problem and get you into the perfect fit in a style you love.

3.  Peace of mind: Have you ever gone to one of those ‘bra boutiques’ and felt as if you could not get the help you needed? They simply gave you the size you asked for and rushed you to the cashier, while simultaneously moving on to another shopper. Have you ever asked them a serious question about the fit and the longevity of the product and gotten either a stock response, or no response at all? Well, when you deal with a professional bra fit consultant you will get the peace of mind that you are dealing with someone who knows their product and cares about helping YOU, the individual client. All questions would be answered; you will get individual attention because their job is to help you and find you that fit that would boost your confidence and relieve any discomfort. Many bra-fit professionals are women who have had similar problems, and with their knowledge they dedicate their time to help other women.

4.  Many women wear the wrong sized bra: Some numbers we have seen suggest 85% or more, and from first-hand experience at the boutique we can attest that the vast majority of our first time customers come in wearing bras that do not fit well.  The question is, why is this number so high? Well, too often we follow the advice of non-professionals who tend to pigeon-hole women due to their body shape. Or, we have only been exposed to the mainstream brands, many of which have a very limited size range. This is why a professional fit is needed; a bra-fit professional can guide the process to a correct fit.

5.  Body confidence: Yes, the way your bra fits can affect your level of confidence. Have you ever gone shopping and seen the perfect blouse, you try it on and somehow it does not drape well over your body? You notice it does not look right because the fit of your bra is making it bulge or pucker in places it should not, or your bra does not support you well enough so your posture is negatively affected. But the moment you get that perfect fit you feel like a million bucks! It is simple, having that perfect fit affects the level of comfort you have in your body, and can affect the level of confidence you project! All you need is a well fitting bra or lingerie set to get you feeling like a rock star!