Top 5 ways to pick the perfect bra

Finding bras that look good and feel comfortable can sometimes feel like a real struggle, but we here at Underpinnings have a few ways to help you through the process of finding the perfect bras:

  1. Get a fitting: Of course this would be number 1! But, by now you know this is not just us tooting our own horns (but *toot*). A professional fitting can change the way you feel about bras and can literally change your life.
  2. Try it on the right way: Lean forward, scoop your breast tissue into the cups and fasten the back. Stand up and adjust the straps. This method is the foolproof method to make sure that your breasts are well positioned in the cups, so you can quickly tell if it is the perfect fit for you, or if you need to move  on to another option.
  3. Move with it on: When you lift your arms, your bra should not move. If it is riding up, then you are in need of a better fitting bra. So, if you need to practice your dance moves in the dressing room to find that perfect fit, then have at it!
  4. Check for Spills: If you have under-boob, quadruple-boob or even uni-boob, you need a better bra. That one is not it! No need to squeeze your poor breast tissue in an attempt to get cleavage. Let them breathe.
  5. It fits on the loosest clasp: This clasp is where you should begin. Overtime, the band may stretch and then you will need to use the additional clasps. If you have to fasten it on the tightest clasp in the fitting room hen this is not the bra for you.

So, there you have it. 5 simple tips to pick the perfect bra. Don’t forget to make your appointment for a fitting (and bring a friend). It is time to love your bra!