Why your strapless bra feels more like a belt (and how to fix it)


We’ve all been there:  the glance around to make sure no-one is looking followed by a quick tug to pull a wandering strapless bra back up where it belongs.  But why do the darned things never stay where they are meant to?

Image Credit: http://imgur.com/gallery/DC0Sfod

With all bras the majority of the support should come from the band, with the weight of your breasts distributed across your ribcage.  The straps are largely meant to hold the cups in place, not to give any significant amount of support to the breasts.   The problem with strapless bras arises because many women are wearing bras that don’t fit correctly in the first place, and the most common bra-fit problem is a too big band and too small cups.

In a regular bra, women usually compensate for a too large band by excessively tightening the straps in an attempt to get support that a too big band cannot provide.  In a strapless bra there are, of course, no straps to tighten, so a band that is too big will make its way down from under your breasts to finally rest somewhere around your waist if you let it.

With the Christmas season and carnival parties around the corner a good strapless bra is the foundation to many women’s party wardrobe.  If your current strapless bra keeps sliding down but the cups fit well, meaning that there is no underwire pressing against breast tissue; the center panel that connects the cups lays flat against your chest; and the cups lay smooth without bulges or gaps, try going down a band size and up a cup size to get a better strapless fit.  Going down a band size will give more support while going up a cup size will maintain the same cup volume.  If the band still slips or if the cups of your current strapless bra do not fit well you may need a complete fit overhaul.  Send us a note for individualized fit advice or to schedule a fitting.

Have you had any strapless bra mishaps?